The meetings of  en/COUNTERs happened in Tel Aviv, Frankfurt and Berlin which is why we started with monuments that are located in those three cities. This website should function as a platform to show and share how those bodily build monuments can be built and experienced anywhere. Therefore we would like to invite you to become part of monumentalise. Below you have access to the instructions that we developed together with Dan Allon. They will instruct you on how to build the monuments. Once you have recreated your monument you can send us a picture of your monument together with the information on where and when you build it. 

There are two different options to take part in monumentalise:


1. Rebuild and relocate our monuments and send us an image of you monument with the information on where and when you build it


2. You can send us photos of your own construction of a monument so that we can develop an instruction that then can be shared and rebuild again.



 Send your mail to:


Send us your monument!

If you perform one of our suggested monuments or create your own please send it to