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„There is nothing in the world as invisible as monuments [...] They are no doubt erected to be seen […] but at the same time they are impregnated with something that repels attention. […] We can not say that we did not notice them; one would have to say that they „de-notice“ us, they elude our perceptive faculties. […] Anything that endures over time scarifies its ability to make an impression“                      

(Robert Musil, Denkmale)



monumentalise is a project that developed out of the collaboration of Tal Alperstein and Julia Turbahn in the project en/COUNTERs which enabled an artistic exchange between Israeli and German artists. 


The project monumentalise investigates the act of commemoration in relation to monuments in public spaces. The research focuses on the relationship between the body and the monument, so to say the embodiment and ephemeral performance of the commemorative act. This is in contrast to the lasting monument aiming to overcome time, to connect past, present and future.


By rebuilding a memorial’s shape with bodies we develop a choreographic score as a temporal act of commemoration. This act can be ‘performed’ anytime, does not have special localisation but requires a physical effort and concentration to constitute an ephemeral commemorating community.


This physical act leaves an imprint on individuals and allows the commemorative act to form a 'collective body memory'. The ephemerality of the performative act does not have to be seen as a disadvantage but as a possibility to generate attention, create a visibility as well as an individual bodily experience for the participants. Through its materiality a movement and flexibility is inherent to the monuments based on the 'monument-scores' as opposed to a fixity of many monuments in public spaces.



Tal Alperstein, born 1985 in Tel Aviv, Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv, predominantly in the field of Performance Art. She completed her BFA at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and finished an MA in Film at Tel Aviv University.



Julia Keren Turbahn, born 1990 in Ramat Gan, Israel, was raised in Germany, now based in Berlin. She studied Cultural Studies and Dance in Düsseldorf and Sydney Dance, Context, Choreography at the HZT Berlin,. She works as a dancer and in interdisciplinary projects.



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Performers: Yoav Admoni, Danilo Alexandre, Gali Alperstein, Haya Barshinski, Maayan Boni, Gan de Lange, Anna Petzer, Natasha Rimer, Katrine Staub, Daniel Tsal, Tal Uriel, Paul Walker, Simone Weber, Jala Will, Rachel Hagigi, Raz Gomeh, Yehuda Dromi, Avner Hochfeld, Liron Dan, Daniel Slabosky, Roi Rosenthal.

Filming Rabin Square: Nir David Zats

Filming Atarim Square: Adi Mozes

Drawings: Dan Allon.

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